[CQ-Contest] TS850

Georgens, Tom Tom.Georgens at netapp.com
Thu Mar 22 21:59:31 EST 2007


I am getting ready for WPX from 8P1A and one of my TS850's had its
display go blank.  It occasionally flashes back on but it is nearly
always off.  The radio works fine otherwise and I did make a few Q's
with it.  I did take the radio apart, seated the cables going to the
board and tightened the ground connections but it has not helped.

I also have not figured out how to get the front panel off to get a
better look.  Is that even a worthwhile thing to do?  I took all the
knobs off but the panel still seems anchored in the middle somewhere.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

73, Tom W2SC

PS: I sent a message earlier from my Blackberry but it looks like it did
not go through.  I apologize if these both ultimately get posted.

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