[CQ-Contest] A Call to Action

mike dol dormann w7dra at juno.com
Fri Mar 23 23:04:23 EST 2007

i don't know why what was true with me is not true for all. in 1953 i
watched W7VKZ operate his nc100 and ARC5 transmitter in the SS, and W7QMW
(thats Whisky Seven Queer, Malicious, and Wild, for you newer hams) in
the 1954 FD. 

i rolled up my sleeves and said anyone could do that, and the rest is

i think what made the greatest impression was the noise, this was before
headphones ad QSK.

that and lots of dial twisting and swearing, and the "YES!! YES!!! when
someone came back.

mike w7dra

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