[CQ-Contest] WRTC Callsign Badges

ku8e at bellsouth.net ku8e at bellsouth.net
Wed May 2 16:19:42 EDT 2007

My last posting got cut off at the top. Lets try again....

 I have made arrangements with The Signman of Baton Rouge for WRTC 2006
callsign badges. He will hopefully have the section in his Club/Organizations
part of his webpage to order these up by the the weekend. If you would like to
pickup your badge at his booth at the Dayton Hamvention he can bring it and you
will not have to pay shipping.

There are two designs. See http://www.thesignman.com/clubs/acg.html for the 
types of badges offered for the Alabama Contest Group. Ours will be similar.

The horizontal design has a color WRTC logo with your WRTC callsign  next to it.
Below that will be your callsign and the 3rd line will have your name. The
WRTC callsign will be green lettering and you call and name will be in navy 
blue. This badge has a safety pin on it.

The vertical design has the WRTC 2006 logo at the top. Next line is your WRTC callsign
in green. Next line is you name and 4th line your callsign. These are in navy blue.
The badge has a slot at the top with a strap & swivel alligator clip.

The cost of either badge is $10 US each.

You can order a badge right now (before he has our webpage up) as follows :

The SignMan of Baton Rouge
You may place your order using one of the following processes:


        o Go to our home page - www.thesignman.com
        o Select ORDER PAGE
        o Go to the bottom of the page - CUSTOM ITEM
        o Enter a brief description of your project in the ENTER DETAILS BELOW area
        o Follow the link to CHECKOUT providing your credit card information and mailing address

Please note the price will show as $.01 and we will provide the correct pricing information when we review and acknowledge your order. 

We'll acknowledge your order in full detail with the receipt of your order. 


If you wish to use Visa or MasterCard, please provide the following information:

        o  Credit card number
        o  Expiration date
        o  Name on card
        o  3 digit code on right-hand side of signature strip
        o  Zip code where statement is mailed


If you wish to use PayPal, here's our PayPal link information:


Click here to send your PayPal payment. (no shipping with delivery @ Dayton)  to our PayPal account - rick at thesignman.com. 

Please include WRTC BADGES in the ITEM / PRODUCT description on the PayPal form.

If the link above does not work with your e-mail program, you may visit the opening page of our web site - www.thesignman.com - and click on the MAKE A PAYPAL PAYMENT button near the bottom of the page.

Please note these are badges made using a full color process. Rick, the SignMan, cannot make these in Dayton. You need to order them ahead of time and you can pickup you badge at his booth at the Hamvention.

Jeff, KU8E

p.s.  Oms - I can send a jpg file of the badge designs if you would like to put in on the WRTC webpage.  I don't think the reflector allows attachments to emails ???

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