[CQ-Contest] Eliminating NS Tailgate & Non-CFM Problems

Ted Bryant w4nz at comcast.net
Wed May 2 17:32:55 EDT 2007

This might be a good time for a review of the "Sprint Survival Web Page" by N6TR. In it he explains
the logic to the order in sending callsigns and the exchange. You can find it here:

Another good resource is the "CW Sprinting - Beginners Guide" by Bill W4AN.  It's at:

73, Ted W4NZ

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At 05:33 PM 5/1/2007 -0700, Eric Hilding wrote:
>I woke up in almost a cold sweat realizing that my #2 suggestion is
>partially flawed,

Nuttin' is ever perfect  ;o))))

>... and requires a delay in adding the "NS" in order to (hopefully)
>hear the other station's confirmation *before* a flood of new callers
>is auto-released by the "NS" tag.

Of course, one answer would be for NS to be programmed into N1MM logger and
it be forbidden to remove it. But that's getting extreme.....

I have a similar issue with exchanges where folks don't send their call
until the END of the exchange. For we who are hunting mults and who've just
tuned across them, and the name/QTH doesn't automatically tell us who they
are, we have to wait till their call at the end of the whole exchange. We
cudda tuned on, had they sent their call after the station to which they
were sending the exchange.

>#4 will still be a major problem when you can't hear one of the two
>stations in the prior 2 way QSO food chain.

The answer is simple: NS should be treated like any other contest OR QSO,
where you cannot claim a completed QSO until you receive an
acknowledgement. The high-QSP pressure of NS is what's caused this problem
and that pressure is causing some ops to act as they otherwise never would.

>The only semi-workable option I can see is if everyone QRX'd longer
>before calling, but I doubt that's gonna happen.

Perhaps not, unless enuf of us start complaining about it. We can also put
principle before winning and simply not work those who break the rules.

>Back to the NS drawing boards (with tail partially between legs).

BT, DT.....

Steve, K0XP
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