[CQ-Contest] K4JNY/W4PA superstation for sale .... whole or in parts

Ted Bryant w4nz at comcast.net
Sun May 6 21:20:29 EDT 2007

As a follow-up to Scott W4PA's message:

There are a series of pictures of the K4JNY ham shack on K4RO's website, taken in
July 2006 during the W1AW/4 operation.  Start at
and continue forward by pressing the arrow at upper right.  Pic IM002555 shows
the two main operating positions in full.  IM002556 shows position #3, which is
directly across from #1 and #2.  There are some pictures of an operating
position in the adjacent garage (IM002550 is one) but that was just a temporary
spot put in place for IARU HF.  If you continue past IM002561, the picture
sequence changes to shots of the towers and antennas. 
http://www.k4ro.net/tcg/pix/w1aw_4_tcg/pages/IMG_0001.html through 

You can also view pictures of the house here:


73, Ted W4NZ

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Jeff, K4JNY, has taken a new job in California starting almost immediately. 
The contest station at his QTH in Georgetown, TN that we have spent the last 8
years building and using will either have to be sold in the short term intact
or it all will have to be torn down in preparation for the sale of the land and
house in the immediate future.

The house itself is a small Cape Cod built in 1999 located on 5 acres of land
on a hilltop about 25 miles northeast of Chattanooga, TN.  Jeff is asking under
$150K for the house, land and station INTACT less rigs and amplifiers - which I
have agreed to go along with should an interested amateur want to buy the
place.  The station as it stands today has 4 towers at 120', 90', 60', and 40'.
 Stacked monobanders on 10/15/20 meters plus extra multiplier monobander high
band antennas on separate towers, a 4 el KLM 40m with all W0UN mods plus all DX
Engineering hardware at 120' plus a separate 2 el 40 on a different tower, 2 el
phased delta loops on 80, 160m antennas, multiple Beverage receiving antennas. 
Mostly hardline fed, many rotators, this is a complete ready-to-use,
super-competitive contest station.  Contact Jeff at k4jny at yahoo.com direct.  

Should the station not be sold intact, I will be removing all towers, antennas,
rotators, cables, etc. and virtually 100% of it will be sold as I do not intend
at this time to build another contest station in Tennessee.  Jeff and I would
most like the station to be sold as-is; but if it is not possible I'm ready to
sell it piece by piece to whomever the next in line is to take their shot at
contest gold.

On behalf of Jeff and myself (and I'm saying this without him hearing it from
me first), thank you to the contest community for all the help ALL OF YOU have
provided us over the past 8 years of building and using this station.  An
immense amount of time went into the construction and use of this QTH; much
advice was given to us that we put to good use, and I hope that we have passed
along as much to others as we learned in the process.  While I will no longer
have a contest station of my own, my interest in radio contesting continues
unabated.  I'll see you on the air ... from somewhere. 

Very 73

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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