[CQ-Contest] 2006 WPX CW plaque received

Dick Green wc1m at msn.com
Mon May 7 23:07:32 EDT 2007

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my 2006 WPX CW USA SOAB plaque today,
less than two months after results were published in CQ. Can't ask for
faster response than that! 


It's my first single-op plaque, and means a lot to me. My thanks to CQ for
sponsoring the contest, Dennis K7BV, for sponsoring the plaque, Steve K6AW,
for directing the contest, the log checkers and anyone else who had anything
to do with putting on the contest and getting the awards out so promptly.


Due to my not realizing I had to specify it in my log file, the published
results don't show that I operated at KT1V. My deepest thanks to Ted for
letting me use his super station and letting me use my own call, and to the
entire Demopoulos family for being gracious hosts.


73, Dick WC1M


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