[CQ-Contest] NS LAdder Wk 9

Bill Haddon - n6zfo hounds1234 at comcast.net
Thu May 10 02:48:57 EDT 2007

Wk 9 of NS Ladder this Thursday night 0230-0300 Z (Friday).  Give it a try . .  good advance readiness test for upcoming WPX.  see www.ncccsprint.com

Thanks to all for spreading out in frequency. and making NS Ladder even better summer fun -- our most important goal.

SNS . . Mike, W9RE runs his 3rd week of the Slow NS between 0200-0215 Z around 14040 and 7040.  Good way to ease into NS Ladder at around 20 wpm or less. 

New NS Award . . .  OK we could use a few more bodies.  So I'm offering another wine award in a "Newcomers Division" composed of all NS Ladder IV entrants who thave not participated in NS in a prior year.  If, and only if,  there are ten station in this category, the award will go to the station with the highest cumulative score between Wk 10 and the end of NS Ladder (see schedule at www.ncccsprint.com).  Why not challenge a friend to join you in the competition?  This new award category will include stations that have already joined NS LAdder IV earlier this year for the first time, for example NS3T, KA3DRR/6, N9NB, KY4F, others. Newcomers will compete in their geographical division plus this new category.

And don't forget the NS LAdder X-Prize K6VVA's offer of a 1 year NCJ subscription to the first station to break 3000 points in a single week.

Perfect 8 Wk attendance records in NS Ladder:  N9CK, W4NZ, NS3T, W0BH, N6RO and K6VVA.  


   --  Read the very entertaining (mostly) NS Ladder Blog at ka3drr.blogspot.com.

  -- If you're really bored, you can see the template for the NS Ladder Director's blog at:
                       nsladder.blogspot.com   " NCCC Sprint Ladder - Ultimate Radiosport"

Lots of interesting results from Wk 8. . see them at  http://www.ncccsprint.com/results.htm  Division winners were N4OGW, W0BH as usual, and N6RO.  But note that Ken won the NCCC division by only 78 points over the Locust, K6VVA.

73 Bill n6zfo/6

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