[CQ-Contest] Telrex Balun

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Thu May 10 15:05:44 EDT 2007

My Teltrex 40-M-346 three element yagi for 40 meters has been damaged in a 
recent wind storm here. The antenna twisted on the mast and the feedline 
was stretched so much that it pulled the end out of an old and flimsy metal 
balun enclosure, identical to the one that came with the antenna way back 
when. It's a 1:1 coaxial balun. The balun internal wiring still is intact, 
and it works, but the stretched end now is open to the elements. Does 
anyone know where I can find a used balun or (preferably) locate someone 
who can build one in a new and stronger enclosure. The second question is 
whether someone has experience replacing the original Telex balun? If so, 
what? And in what type of enclosure and how was it mounted on the boom at 
the feedpoint? Please contact me directly.

I can (barely) reach the balun, so hope to replace this damaged unit 
without having to reposition the antenna. It's really heavy.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Jim George N3BB

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