[CQ-Contest] NCJ Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques Question

Gary Sutcliffe w9xt at unifiedmicro.com
Thu May 10 23:38:33 EDT 2007


The next CTT&T column will cover logging program display configuration and 
I am looking for your input.

Most logging programs allow you to customize what information is displayed 
and where  you put the windows with the information. What info do you like 
to show. How do you place them? Which ones do you find most useful.   How 
do you configure log entry windows for each transmitter for SO2R? What new 
information would you like to see that is not supported such as real time 
scoring on the competition, propagation info, etc? Is there a danger of 
information overload?  What size display(s) do you use?

I want to put this to bed before leaving for Dayton, so please get your 
tips to me by Sunday. Please reply direct and include your call sign.

Thanks for your help.

Gary Sutcliffe  W9XT
Unified Microsystems
w9xt at unifiedmicro.com

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