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If it is a 1:1 balun, use the coax choke in the new antenna handbook. 
It isn't new, but Dean Straw has determined that wrapping the turns 
of coax on a form and keeping the turns parallel is much more 
effective than the old rats-nest choke. I've been wrapping them 
around a large plastic jar, securing the turns with ty-wraps and then 
removing the jar and wrapping the whole choke with electrical tape to 
keep its form.

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>From: Jim George <n3bb at mindspring.com>
>Subject: [CQ-Contest] Telrex Balun
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>My Teltrex 40-M-346 three element yagi for 40 meters has been damaged in a
>recent wind storm here. The antenna twisted on the mast and the feedline
>was stretched so much that it pulled the end out of an old and flimsy metal
>balun enclosure, identical to the one that came with the antenna way back
>when. It's a 1:1 coaxial balun. The balun internal wiring still is intact,
>and it works, but the stretched end now is open to the elements. Does
>anyone know where I can find a used balun or (preferably) locate someone
>who can build one in a new and stronger enclosure. The second question is
>whether someone has experience replacing the original Telex balun? If so,
>what? And in what type of enclosure and how was it mounted on the boom at
>the feedpoint? Please contact me directly.
>I can (barely) reach the balun, so hope to replace this damaged unit
>without having to reposition the antenna. It's really heavy.
>Thanks in advance for any advice.
>Jim George N3BB

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