[CQ-Contest] If you were buying a new contest radio today...

Chet Moore ChetMoore at cox.net
Thu May 17 00:59:43 EDT 2007

Hi Barry,

I have an MP-1000 here and just purchased a very cherry icom 756 pro II as a 
second radio.      No expensive filters to buy with the icom, the twin 
peaking filter for RTTY runs circles around everything else out there.  The 
pro II also includes   6 meters.  The 6 meter band is new to me, so new that 
my my 6M beam is not here yet. The icom has the panaramic scope, very handy 
for contests, easy to tell if 6, 10  12 or 15 meters is open at a glance or 
where the pileups are . I have always felt the MP-1000 had low audio. MP did 
not work well with my bose noise cancelling phones.   Another area in which 
the PRO II excels is the loud audio.  You will not be able to stay in the 
shack if you turn the audio all the way up.  This is important to me as my 
hearing is not nearly as good as it was 30 year ago.  I initally purchased 
the pro II as a 2nd radio but it has rapidly become my main radio.  I bring 
my MP-1000 to W3PP when I operate multi multi up there.  the MP works well 
in a multi multi atmosphere.  I haven't had the PRO II  long enough to know 
how the pro II plays in a multi multi environment.  I notice that K3LR is an 
all ICOM station but I don't know specifically which radios they are using.

Downside to the PRO II .......The feature I liked most about the mp-1000 is 
the 2nd receiver which the icom lacks.  I bought the mp and then had to add 
about 800 bux worth of filters and most recently bought the inrad roofing 
filter for it.   .In side by side comparisons, the PRO II and MP-1000 
receivers seemed equal. when listening to the 9m4 spratley expedition last 
month which was very weak at this qth.  You do need to buy a 12V power 
supply  for the ICOM.

For a few dollars more, After using the PRO II,  I'd buy the PRO III which 
is a newer and improved version of the PRO II.  The .New ICOM pro III 
reportedly has an even  better roofing filter and 5 mhz and 6 meter 
capability built in

I hear good things about the ORION on recieve.  I also hear it has a stiff 
learning curve and  I know  that one high profile PVRC'er  has had major 
problems  that required  a couple of  trips back to the factory. One concern 
about the Orion is it's "reliability".  That would be a major factor for me 
if I only had one radio.

Still using my W2UP rotating loop on 160 which I built after seeing it on 
your web site.

my .02 cents worth


Chet  N4FX
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> which one would you buy?  What makes it better than its competitors?
> Tnx,
> Barry
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