[CQ-Contest] The Classic DX Contest

John Thompson jwt105j at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 11:20:40 EDT 2007

                        The Classic DX Contest      Sponsored by John K3MD
  Contest within a contest during the IARU, second full weekend of July
  1.  All equipment must be at least 20 years old, including linears.
  2.  Classes:
  High and low power, 100W output low, 650W output CW high, 1300W PEP output SSB high
  US/VE  and  DX
  CW only, SSB only, mixed as per IARU rules
  M/S high power only, no packet
  Certificates: 1,2,3 each class
  3.  Use of packet, internet, DVK, add-on audio DSP, computer keying or DVK prohibited.  Use of a separate modern transceiver to spot your TX freq on 40M SSB cross-band if using a boatanchor separate RX-TX IS permitted.
  4.  Use of contest keyers, computer logging permitted.
  5.  Score:
  Your normal claimed score (not checked) times classic multiplier.
  Classic multiplier:  how many decades old your rig is plus bonus:
  Example:  1978 transceiver  (TS-820S)
  2 decades old x 2 (transceiver) = 4
  Swan 350 (1967) = 8
  TX 1960  RX 1951 (HT-37 and 75A2) = 4 + 5 + 2 = 11
  Linear age does NOT count for mult to equalize classes.  Exception:  Linear using WORKING MV tubes counts an additional classic multiplier of plus 1 (HA-10, Johnson Viking Thunderbolt, HT-41). 
  Keyer age does not count, but use of a classic non-contest non-iambic keyer, tube or discrete transistor, commercial or homebrew, gives an additional classic multiplier of plus 1(HA-1, HA-4).
  Use of separate receiver/transmitter gives an additional plus 2 classic multiplier.
  If rigs won't do 160M, forget about it.
  Rig age determined by earliest ads for that model in QST, or data on eham.net, Drake Virtual Museum or rigpix database
  Reporting:  Claimed score, number contacts, number of conventional mults, classic multiplier, rigs, class, mailing adr., e-mail to jwt105j at yahoo.com.
  Do NOT send logs.  
  We are using the obsolete honor system.  Due date: 2 weeks after end of contest.
  6.  If 1 rig knocks out in mid-contest and you are forced to use another, the classic multiplier will be of the rig used longest.  We trust you that you will not kick out a rig on purpose to limit its use and increase your multiplier.  If you are forced to use a modern rig, just include the portion of your log that was done with a classic rig, and we wish you luck in getting the classic rig on the air again.
  Results plus copy of rules:
  www.skyviewradio.net   radiosport

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