[CQ-Contest] If you were buying a new contest radio today...,

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sun May 20 13:41:17 EDT 2007

Funny that this thread started about the time I sent in my order for a new
contest radio.  That would be the Elecraft K3.  

When the K2 showed up - I was hoping it would be my new contest radio to
replace the aging pair of TS850s I have been using for some time now.  
However, there were a couple of "small" issues with the K2 that kept me
from fully adopting the radio for contest use.  The main one was an issue
having to do with how fast you could spin the VFO knob and have the radio
do the proper frequency jumps (something I do a lot of in the sprints).
If you turned the VFO knob fast enough on a K2, the radio basically stays
on the same frequency.  :-(

However, this problem has totally been eliminated in the K3 - and along with
the other world class specifications being tossed around, I have no doubt
that this will more than fill up the hole created by removing a TS850 from
the station.  

I will post my observations of actual on the air use when I get the radio.
With some luck - I will be using it during the June VHF contest on six 
meters and then the IARU contest.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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