[CQ-Contest] If you were buying a new contest radio today...

José Nunes CT1BOH ct1boh at gmail.com
Mon May 21 09:47:27 EDT 2007


I have two FT-1000mp's for my SO2R set-up.
I was looking for something newer and better to replave these two rigs.

When I saw the K3 annouced and data, I knew that was it!

I'm hoping to have one K3 in time for IARU contest after that another one to
complete my SO2R duo in time for CQWW  from CT3NT

>which one would you buy?  What makes it better than its competitors?
>Barry Kutner, W2UP
>Newtown, PA

José Nunes
CONTEST CT1BOH - http://www.qsl.net/ct1boh

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