[CQ-Contest] Counting DC as a Multiplier and Not as Part ofMaryland.

Mike Fatchett mike at mallardcove.com
Mon May 21 11:56:45 EDT 2007

The rule clearly states that DC is counted as MD.

It is great that you want to be a multiplier as being in a rare multiplier
is a lot of fun.  Contesting in Montana is much more exciting than Colorado,
that is until the Aurora's hit then it is really boring!  How about an
eastern and western Colorado multipliers?  We are separated by a huge
mountain range and the continental divide.  The western part of the state
has propagation that can be quite different than those in the eastern
plains.  I suspect an argument could be made for many other geographical
issues with multipliers.

If you like the NA QSO Parties and Sprints you will probably operate them
regardless if you have your own multiplier.

There are many independent cities do not count as counties either, instead
for awards you can choose any of the surrounding counties instead.

Maybe we should make all Indian Reservations multipliers too?

I am not sure what paying taxes has to do with a radio contest.  Puerto Rico
and the Virgin Is, KP1, KP5 are separate countries for ham radio purposes
but DC is not.

How about being able to choose between the surrounding states?  The land
forming the original District came from the states of Maryland and Virginia.
However, the area south of the Potomac River (39 square miles or about 100
km²) was returned, or "retroceded," to Virginia in 1847 and now is
incorporated into Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. After 1847,
the remaining land that formed the area now known as the District of
Columbia was formed exclusively from land that once belonged to Maryland.

If ain't broke don't fix it.  Some contests have DC mults and others don't.



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Dear Fellow Contesters,

As I'm sure you well know, the North American QSO Party considers the
District of Columbia as part of Maryland, not as an independent entity, and
therefore not as a unique multiplier.  This despite the fact that the
District, while not a State, is self governed, its residents pay federal and
local taxes, vote in federal (presidential) elections, and send a Delegate
to the House of Representatives.

In past years, we residents of the District of Columbia have argued that DC
should qualify as a separate multiplier, equivalent to a state. The NCJ
contest managers have consistently rebuffed that argument.

A closer reading of the NAQP rule describing multipliers (item #11) leads us
to believe that our justification for a separate multiplier based on
statehood may have been misguided. So what if we're not a state!  We do
appear to qualify under the clause "and other North American countries," as
per the rule:

   "Multipliers: Are U.S. states (including KH6 and KL7), 13 Canadian
provinces/territories (British Columbia, Alberta,
   Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI,
Newfoundland/Labrador, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut) and
   other North American countries. District of Columbia counts as Maryland.
Non-North American countries, maritime mobiles and
   aeronautical mobiles do not count as multipliers, but may be worked for
QSO credit."

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are both unincorporated territories of
the United States, whose tax-paying residents are not permitted to vote in
federal (i.e., presidential) elections, yet send an elected representative
(a Resident Commissioner and Delegate,
respectively) to the US House of Representatives.  Guam and American Samoa
are also US territories whose tax-paying residents send Delegates to the

What we are *not* is part of Maryland! We do not live in, pay taxes in or
vote in Maryland.  If the contesting community wants more greater
participation, the NAQPs are especially well suited for the role - short,
sweet and simple to do.

Make DC a multiplier and sure, more will jump in and give it a go!

Thoughts? Comments?

Now is the time for justice to be served by NCJ contest managers moving in a
positive direction to right this wrong!

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC
"taxation, but no multiplier representation"
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