[CQ-Contest] Counting DC as a Multiplier and Not as PartofMaryland.

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> That is all well and good but what are the advantages and/or disadvantages
> of adding the multiplier to contests that are well received, have long
> standing records and are successful?
Increased activity perhaps.  I've heard that some stations will not get on 
because its not a multiplier.  There are at least a dozen government club 
stations that could be activated in a weekend.

The issue of records is, frankly, irrelevant and not critical.  Did ARRL 
refuse to add sections because of old records in the ARRL Sweepstakes?  No. 
Did the world get turned upside down when Nunavut was recognized as a 
multiplier in NAQP?  No.  Are you guaranteed to work D.C. in every contest? 
No. Are you guaranteed to work Nunavut in every contest? No.   Just like 
you're not guaranteed to work Delaware, Wyoming, North Dakota or any of the 
other traditional "states" and provinces.  Heck, I remember the times when 
the Canadian Maritimes were lumped together into one big geographic entity. 
The disaggregation did nothing to harm records (which are made to be broken 
BTW) and probably increased activity.

> I think we all understand the political and governmental issues with the
> District, however, I do not see how that applies to radio.  Just because X
> does something does not make it right or wrong.
> I guess the contest folks could just say if you are in DC, tough luck, but
> they did not.
> You are able to operate the contest and compete against competition that 
> is
> much closer geographically than I do in Colorado and especially in 
> Montana.
> I am sure if you can show significant benefits to the contests in question
> then you might have a case.  I have yet to hear one other than it would be
> another mult which could be a benefit or it might not.
I would think that any increased activity, and any increased score would be 
beneficial to a contest, no?  To give you an example, if DC were to become a 
multiplier, I can guarantee that government folks like K4ZW or World Bank 
folks like AJ3M would be quite excited to operate K3VOA and 4U1WB to give 
out the D.C. multiplier.

73 Rich NN3W 

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