[CQ-Contest] PVRC Sweepstakes Forfeit

Steve Harrison k0xp at dandy.net
Wed May 23 11:14:00 EDT 2007

At 06:16 PM 5/22/2007 -0700, James Nitzberg wrote:
>In the final analysis, this is a case of PVRC doing
>what is right for the contesting community (especially
>for our worthy competition!), once the numbers were
>carefully examined.
>Our official Forfeit letter can be found on our web
>site at:  
>Jim Nitzberg    WX3B
>President, Potomac Valley Radio Club

I applaud the integrity and morality of PVRC's management in this matter,
Jim; those attributes were one of the reasons I felt proud to be a member
of PVRC when I lived in the area.

Steve, K0XP

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