[CQ-Contest] Counting DC as a Multiplier

Yuri VE3DZ ve3dz at rigexpert.net
Wed May 23 22:48:10 EDT 2007

Nice post, Scott. Really...
Enjoyed it so much.

73 Yuri  VE3DZ
South Central Ontario

> My 2 cents
> I do not think DC should be a multiplier, MDC sounds just fine to me.
> Do the contest sponsors bow to the wishes of 4 or 5 people ?  No.
> Split-up of the Maritimes - I didn't care for that either, but really
> don't care.  West Central Florida - I thought that was pretty lame,
> still do, no offense to WCF intended, I guess they have their reasons
> that I do not understand.
> And I live in New York:  Why does NY have 4 sections ?   NLI I can
> understand;   WNY, ENY I understand ... maybe, (it is a long drive from
> Buffalo to Albany);  NNY my understanding is now getting a bit fuzzy,
> but I know why the guys like NNY being its own section, it is definitely
> geographically different and isolated and the "North Country" as we call
> it certainly is not main stream NY.  No offense to NNY intended.  But
> the same applies to many other states that could claim some unique
> situation as NNY and DC.  Maybe this means DC is OK, but then the
> section flood gates may open.
> On the other hand Ohio, Michigan are both single sections.  Maybe we
> need Northern and Southern Michigan, makes sense to me, and East and
> West Ohio, ugh don't like that.  Colorado, you have a point too, East
> and West Colorado divided at the Rocky Mountains, something like EWA and
> WWA.  And a Las Vegas section too, now that certainly is a different
> kind of place.  Indian reservations for DX entities, why not, they are
> sovereign nations right ?
> I propose that Central New York become a new section, based on lots of
> snow and really cold weather, we could call it "SnowLand" abbreviation
> for contest "SL". Or maybe Snowy New York "SNY".  I like SnowLand
> myself.  Where else can you get 300 inches or snow each winter and 30
> below zero ?  All right a couple other places.  How about "Central
> Northern New York", now that is where it gets really cold, so cold you
> have to use heated dip sticks (oil heaters) in your car at night, you've
> all heard of Old Forge, Lake Placid etc... Right ?  Turn on the weather
> channel in February.  Central Northern New York, reminds me of WCF.  Hi,
> :-), a joke, really !
> I do not see a proliferation of sections to be beneficial to contesting.
> Say we go to 100 sections for Sweepstakes (see some of my more serious
> suggestions above) getting a clean sweep probably goes away, as do the
> mugs.  Scores go up even if activity does not.  We all get to set some
> new records for a year or two.  I can play "Section DX" from Syracuse
> NY, that might amuse me for a contest or two.  Same I fear for DC as a
> section.  After a contest or two the interest and activity goes to zero.
> NNY is active DC is not.
> I have heard "Thanks for New York" many many times in the Sprint.  A
> couple guys from the midwest even remind me to get on, thank you.  Now
> if New York State is rare in some contests (with 50,000 hams, my guess),
> how rare do you think DC would be with 400 ?  Even if there is a
> justification, what about for the good of the contest ?  Ever try to
> work DC from New York on 10 meters ?  It might be easy from Colorado but
> not from here.  I usually work 6-10 NNYs each year in SS though.
> My apologies to DC, WCF and NNY for picking on you.
> Ok my rambling is done !  73 Scott W2LC

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