[CQ-Contest] 2007 Dayton Contester Wrap Up!

Tim Duffy K3LR k3lr at k3lr.com
Fri May 25 18:05:59 EDT 2007

If you are a Contest enthusiast, Dayton 2007 was absolutely AMAZING!

It all started last Wednesday night with the Super Suite opening up for the
first of 4 nights! Icom even showed the new IC7700
for the very first time at the Super Suite! CTU students got the first look at
this brand new radio!
The Suite was hosted all four nights by the North Coast Contesters, The Mad
River Radio Club and The Frankford Radio Club.

ConTest University (CTU) kicked off at 7 AM Thursday morning with 11 Professors,
21 different classes and 150 students!
10 hours later everyone graduated and had a great time!
Look for Contest University 2008 next year the Thursday before Dayton.
It will be bigger and better than ever with a graduate program for the under
grad class of 2007 to attend!
Keep watch on http://www.contestuniversity.com for the exciting updates.

The Contest and Antenna forums were standing room only for every presentation on
Friday and Saturday at HARA. Look for the Antenna talks on http://www.k3lr.com

The 15th Annual Contest Dinner hosted a record 420 Contesters and welcomed 4 new
members to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame. It all started 15 years ago with just
200 contesters in attendance! N6ZZ, K5RC, S59AA and K6SSS were honored for
giving back to Amateur Radio Contesting. Over 100 door prizes were given away
with N4GI winning the Icom 756 Pro III. 35 gift certificates from DX Engineering
were awarded as well!
Watch for tickets for the 16th Annual Dayton Contest Dinner after Jan. 1, 2008
at http://www.contestdinner.com

The Contest Super Suite consumed over 100 Pizzas during the 4 night stretch (24
hours total of Super Suite time!!!)
A big THANKS to the Potomac Valley Radio Club, the Yankee Clipper Contest Club,
K8CC and Contest University for sponsoring the "Before Midnight Pizza Parties"
every night.


I hope everyone has a safe summer putting up lots of new antennas, getting on
the radio, making some new friends and most importantly helping a new ham
experience the MAGIC of Contesting!

Learn, Operate and Share!

Tim K3LR

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