[CQ-Contest] Counting DC as a Multiplier and Not as Part of Maryland

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
Sat May 26 10:00:13 EDT 2007

I have been sitting on the sidelines with no dog in this fight, reading the 

It seems to me it is just barely possible that those who are most vociferous 
against the idea might be those who perceive they might lose some advantage 
if DC became a mult.  It might be (take your pick) harder to work, others 
might find it easier to work it than the objector, there might be higher 
scoring entries from DC and therefore it would be harder for me to score as 
highly, or whatever perceived advantage or disadvantage might accrue to the 

It does seem to me that there are good arguments for considering DC as a 
separate mult, but there is one contrary argument against which I have not 
noticed being mentioned.  It might be that from a propagation viewpoint, DC 
is essentially within MD, and does not really share any different 
propagation characteristics.

My 2c worth.

73 to all,
Rusty, na5tr

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> Why not add another mult in the NAQP?
> Why not encourage more participation in contests?
> The Florida QSO Party added DC this year.  So did the Georgia QSO Party.
> ARRL DX, ARRL 10, CQ 160, ARRL RTTY are just a few that have
> DC as a mult....so it's not something new.
> Eric W3DQ is a rock star around the time of the ARRL DX - why?  Because
> he gets on the air and hands out a much needed mult from Washington, D.C.
> No one would care if he was giving out MD....and he probably wouldn't
> turn on the radio either.
> The DC mult means more people on the air - that's what we want!
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