[CQ-Contest] technical challenge

K5ZM k5zm at comcast.net
Sun May 27 22:25:45 EDT 2007

I think we all know EXACTLY why live reporting hasn't been as well received
as it otherwise could've been. 

That horse is dead. Let's not beat the crap out of it again. 


Ian, K5ZM 


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> Hmm ... in boxing, figure skating and probably most Olympic competitions,
> no one knows your score until your performance is over. Contesting is
> different because at least one person or group knows the score before the
> contest is over.
> We never had the capability until internet, so I agree ... why not use it?
> 73, Zack W9SZ
> On Sun, 27 May 2007, Rick Dougherty NQ4I wrote:
> > Hi all....it has come to my attention that in every sport except Boxing
> > and Ham Radio Contesting.... the score is known and posted for all to
> > see in real time...I challenge the other USA M-M's to post their scores
> > live on the Internet...this technology is currently available and it is
> > time for us to embrace some changes...from this date forward, the NQ4I
> > team will be posting their score in real-time on the Internet.....
> >
> > 73 de Rick NQ4I
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