[CQ-Contest] Vertical w/Tower Counterpoise?

Mon May 28 18:31:53 EDT 2007

Can we separate myth, from magic, from fact. A full-sized vertical, for a 
given, band will have a lower angle of radiation than a full-sized dipole, 
for the same band, when the dipole is at @50ft. Trap verticals, shortened 
verticals, have a high angle component. I have made side-by-side 
comparisons, over many many months. On 40 meter my full-sized 33ft vertical 
is a DX killer, the full-sized dipole is a 1000 mile killer, the DX77, 1/2 
wave vertical,  @15ft was always somewhere in between. On the upper bands 
the DX77 showed a very noticeable high angle component. In 2004 I got a 
clean sweep in SSCW using the DX77 as my only antenna for 20-15-10. Someone 
made an NEC plot for the DX77 and I asked him to be sure he wasn't modeling 
a very high(100ft high) dipole.
Again my -2cents worth


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  On Sun, 27 May 2007 10:14:46 -0700 (PDT), Ev Tupis <w2ev at yahoo.com>

  >It is time for me to install a more permanent HF antenna system to make 
more routine HF contest operation possible.  I wish to install a vertical to 
reduce complexity.

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  Think carefully about what contests you are going to operate with your
  setup. A vertical, properly installed, will be a low angle radiator
  and great for DX contests, but not so great for more local contests
  like Sweepstakes and the state QSO parties. For those, a horizontal
  dipole would be better, even if you have to load it to reduce length.

  Best of all would be to have both and be able to switch between them.

  Just something to consider.

  Bill W6WRT
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