[CQ-Contest] tech challenge - SAY WHAT?

Steve Harrison k0xp at dandy.net
Mon May 28 18:48:39 EDT 2007

At 04:09 PM 5/28/2007 -0500, Gerry Hull wrote:
>.....by observing real-time scores, they can be motivated to operate 
>longer, persevere through tough operating conditions, get over a slump 
>or simply strive to be better than some other competitor.

'Specially SOSBs; we can (and love to) compare our piddling lil performance
against the monsterstations.

>By the way, those competitors who stay on the air are providing potentially
>more QSOs for those reaching the top 10.

....... Not to mention we who are trying to catch up with them  ;o)

>......the disadvantage of posting your score is far outweighed by
>the number of people who will be motivated to stay on the air longer, 
>to try and catch you in some way. When people see a huge KR2Q score 
>in a published result, they are amazed -- and motivated to try and 
>seek a similar score.

'Specially we SOSBs, and PARTICULARLY we low-banders. For example, seeing
how the very few others with big 80m scores were doing this past weekend
motivated me to stick it out through the very last seconds, even though the
sun had barely even set here. In my case (SOSB80LP), while the last 2-1/4
hours only yielded 9 more Qs and 1 mult, they still yielded several extra
multipoint Qs and overall, pumped my score several percent. Curiously, I
heard only one or maybe two NA M/Ms throughout that time.

>As a S/O, having a second monitor on the scoreboard allows you to 
>monitor your close competition (if you have any).

.... Or next best, if you're doing SOSB, how you're doing relative to that
band of monsterstations.

The only downside I can think of is it can encourage you to become
complacent if you see your score is way ahead of others.

Steve, K0XP

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