[CQ-Contest] SO2R Technique

Ted Bryant w4nz at comcast.net
Wed May 30 00:21:15 EDT 2007

"...Biggest secret?  TRlog..."  

Yes, TRlog is good, but have you tried the Advanced SO2R capabilities of N1MM Logger??

73, Ted W4NZ

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> I'm curious as to what SO2R techniques people are using.

Steve, you should make it a point to attend the Contest University next 
year.  There was more good SO2R stuff there than you could ever get anywhere 
else.  Just getting N5TJ out of retirement to speak about single-opping was 
worth the cost of going, IMO.

Personally I use both audio mixes at different times depending on the 
situation.  Mix when it's easy, dedicated audio from one radio or the other 
when it gets hard.  Plus some PTT automation thrown in for good measure.

But you asked about "good ops" and I can't hang on in fast company :) 
Biggest secret?  TRlog.  It can make even SO2R idiots like me sound like I 
know what I'm doing!

Mark, N5OT 

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