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Thu May 31 17:55:44 EDT 2007

Rick:Thanks for your input!  As I originally stated (below), probably 98% of folks on during a contest should not be sent certain cut numbers.  I happen to like A for 1 and it is completely second nature to me now...has been for over a decade.  It's just a matter of what your used to, are willing to accept, or want to achieve.de Doug KR2Q----- Original Message -----From: Rick Tavan N6XI Date: Thursday, May 31, 2007 2:39 pmSubject: Re: [CQ-Contest] cut #To: "kr2q at optonline.net" Cc: cq-contest at contesting.com> Cut numbers are a lot of nonsense up with which I will not put. > 5NN for RST> 599 is fine. AEON for 1509 is ridiculous. Serial numbers should > be sent in> full; all of them. When I'm operating WPX without expectation of > winning, I> query "NR?" EVERY TIME someone sends me a cut number, even if I > understandexactly what was meant. (Exception: I tolerate leading > T's even though> they're superfluous.)  I am absolutely certain that requests for > repeatsmore than negate any advantage of cut numbers, even > without jerks like me> making it worse.> > /Rick N6XI> > On 5/30/07, kr2q at optonline.net  wrote:> >> > Cut numbers are fun.> >> > Everybody knows and uses T (Ø) and N (9).> >> > For variety, some use "O" for Ø...it is a welcome rhythm > change on receive> > (for me) and> > still shorter than 5 "dahs"> >> > A (1) is gaining in usage and I hope in acceptance.  It is > only logical> > that if you use N that> > you would also use A.> >> > E (5) I think is still reserved for use among good cw ops that > know the> > other op's> > capability.  I would never send E (5) to 95% of the guys I > work (maybe> > 98%).  If I hear a> > top op, using E is both more efficient and (but mostly) more fun!> >> > Waiting for BOH to remind us of enne.  I'm sure he can tell us > all how> > many minutes (hours)> > it saved him over the course of X,000 qso's.  And he is for > real in that> > calculation!> >> > de Doug KR2Q> >> >> > _______________________________________________> > CQ-Contest mailing list> > CQ-Contest at contesting.com> > http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/cq-contest> >> > > > -- > "In days of old, when ops were bold, and sidebands not invented,> The word would pass, by pounding brass, and all were well contented."> 

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