[CQ-Contest] CQ WW CW 2007 Result W2/NP3D - ANSWER !

David Burger DBurger at energy.com.au
Mon Sep 3 22:20:35 EDT 2007

Woops, also mean't to mention, that taking the square root of the final 
scores gives a near perfect comparison of the "level of effort" put in by 
stations (in your category of course)..  This works for most points & 
multipler contests, ie CQWW, CQWPX, ARRL DX, ARRL 10m, Oceania DX, RuDX, 
all the best,


Dear Mr Andrei Stchislenok,
The CQWW score degradation you observed based on the 3 percent of lost 
QSO's and 3.9 percent of lost Mults.. hinges on a key attribute on how the 
CQWW events are scored.  You mention you lost
14.9 % of your final score.

The CQWW scoring is based on a QSO and Multipler product. In basic terms 
this is a (very near) square-law relationship.... ie... if you put in 
twice the effort, you will get 4 times the score.  eg. If I have 2 
contacts and 2 mults, I get a score of 4.    If I have 4 contacts with 4 
mults, I get a score of 16.

 I have mentioned this in the forthcoming ARRL DX SSB report for Oceania 
(which is due for web publication shortly).

Anyway.. back to your numbers...  if you multiply 1.03 by 1.039 and then 
SQUARE the result... you get 1.145... or a 14.5% reduction...   this 
compares closely to your observed 14.9%.. (which means you lost some good 
DX contacts) so I'd suggest the outcome is still acceptable.  What is 
really means is that any errors you make, your score is punished by the 
'square of your errors'..

All the best..
VK2CZ  (also VK8AA and previosly VK9XD)

David Burger
Sydney, Australia.

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