[CQ-Contest] QRO or Commander

Dennis OConnor ad4hk2004 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 17:29:28 EDT 2007

I went through the exact same scenario last year about this time...  Discovered at that time I could only get on a waiting list at Commander with estimated delivery of  May 07, and that QRO was shutting down for the season and not taking new orders until until the following spring 07..
  I am an old, grizzled ham, not a star eyed newcomer... I already have amps, I have built amps, and consider myself knowledgeable... Anyway, from that point I went to calling all amp manufacturers, USA, Germany, England, Australia, Japan, etc...  I also looked at the high end stuff... None of it met my criteria of 'bang for the buck' and delivery times...  On a lark I finally called Ten Tec...  They had  a Titan III on the build bench that was not spoken for and would be finished with assembly and burn in, in 4 days...  I purchased this amp, sight unseen, it was tested and delivered as promised.. I now have a year of use with it... Since getting it the other amps have been turned on less and less...
  Bottom line, this is a fine amplifier that works as advertised...  Recommended by me...
  denny / k8do

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