[CQ-Contest] Web Poll RS(T) Final Results

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Sat Apr 5 19:12:59 EDT 2008

This is going to make your face turn red and your typing fingers fly
across the keyboard.
IMO "I don't care" is a valid choice in any poll!
Why bias the survey by making someone say only yes or no when they want
to say both yes and no, or I don't care, or I don't give a damn.


"Those Island days are always on my mind,
Someday I'm going to leave it all behind."

-----Original Message-----

My pet peeve in any poll is the 'wimpy' choice that offers "I don't
care" as 
a choice. If you don't care why waste the time. That is why I didn't
it as a choice, make a decision yes/no.
Once again sorry to be so negative.


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