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The answer to your question is obvious.  In SS, multipliers are *ARRL 
SECTIONS*.  Newfoundland and Labrador are combined in the ARRL Operating 
Organization; i.e., they are one section.

This does not explain why ARRL DX has them separate, but it explains why 
SS does not.

Section do not exist to be multipliers; they exist to administer the 
ARRL Operating Organization and so sectional geographic boundaries are 
established to that end.  Otherwise, why would we have "West Central 
Florida" and why would Guantanamo Bay count as the Virgin Islands?


Kutzko, Sean, KX9X wrote:
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>> Speaking of which ... why does ARRL continue to count 14 VE provinces
> and 
>> territories, while the RAC and the Canadian Government consider 
>> Newfoundland and Labrador to be one entity?  Is it simply a desire to 
>> maintain comparability with scores from many years past?
> While drinking my morning coffee at HQ today, I pondered this question
> and did some homework.
> Newfoundland-Labrador was admitted into Canada in 1949. At that time,
> the format for the ARRL DX Contest was that ALL stations sent a signal
> report and transmitted power, not just the DX stations. Beginning in
> 1955, the ARRL DX Contest rules changed so that W/VE stations sent their
> state or province. From the very first event, Newfoundland and Labrador
> were separate multipliers. Why are they separate multipliers in ARRL DX
> and not for Sweepstakes?
> The short answer is most likely the simplest: because it provides more
> multipliers for the DX stations to work. There is precedent in having
> inconsistent multiplier lists: the District of Columbia is part of
> Maryland in Sweepstakes, but stands alone for the ARRL 10 Meter Contest.
> More mults generally means more fun. 
> If you feel this is a problem, you are welcome to contact your CAC
> representative and request the multiplier list be changed.
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