[CQ-Contest] cqww cw spotting report

Zack Widup w9sz.zack at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 11:12:22 EST 2008

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 6:46 PM, K1TTT <K1TTT at arrl.net> wrote:

> A big weekend for cw spots.  52745 spots in the database this time.
> Ones that deserve a closer look are analyzed more below:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> CY2ZT/2 - dxsummit
> IP Address:
> Spotters: k3nn, f0cus, ve5sd, w1ll, h1ha, cl3ar, ve3ggh, w4car, ve4jy,
>        w2vvo, nr2qq, kj8jj, k8uu, w5zi, k4aa, na7yy, aa3kk, n1ss,
>        k9ll, w8ii, k5vv, k5yy, w9uu, n2mm, f3jj, n2kk, aa8sz, k5vv,
>        n3zz, n6hh, ad4vv, k5vv, w5jj, aa3cc, k5vv, etc...
> the pattern continues... all the same ip address, mostly with the same
> last 2 letters.  The first row with f0cus, w1ll, h1ha, cl3ar were near
> the end of the contest, then they get earlier and earlier, so near the
> middle of the contest there were more of the double letter calls.

Not to mention the fact these calls spell out FOCUS, WILL, HIHA, CLEAR.

73, Zack W9SZ

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