[CQ-Contest] World Contest Station Database Improved

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sun Dec 7 07:40:54 EST 2008

Thanks to the ASP programming skills of Mike Reublin, NF4L, I'm happy to 
report that the World HF Contest Station Database (www.conteststations.com) 
is better than ever.  Mike programmed a new page to be used for updating or 
adding a station description.  Whatever data are already on file are 
displayed in the relevant space, and your call is automatically inserted, 
eliminating one common source of past problems.  All you have to do is add 
to or edit what's there, and press Submit.

Records in the database still don't change until I can review them, as a 
security measure, but Mike's other contribution is a new updating 
system.  I will now get an e-mail when a change is submitted, and can 
easily go to a special administration web page, review and edit as needed, 
and then the revised record is posted immediately to the database.  With 
this new capability, I should be able to keep up with updates so that the 
lag will be, at most, only a day or two.

Please take a look, and send me any feedback.

73, Pete N4ZR
the World Contest Station Database is back, and improved...

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