[CQ-Contest] I've heard it all now!

KI9A at aol.com KI9A at aol.com
Sun Dec 7 16:45:47 EST 2008

Last night, my Dad, AD9P, was on 75 SSB checking out his new Pro3 on phone,  
and got into a ragchew with a, umm, pigfarmer ( yeah, not a "real" 
pigfarmer..),  and when he was about to sign with him, he told the guy he was going to 
QSY to  160 and make some contest Q's.
The "pigfarmer" then went off on my Dad about how all of the contesters  were 
QRMing 75 SSB with their 2nd harmonics..So, my pops proceeded to tell him  
needs to invest in a new radio, because his was obviously defective.
I can be struck by lightning now. I have heard everything...2nd  
harmonics..hehe. Wow.
73- Chuck KI9A
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