[CQ-Contest] Public Logs

Robert Naumann w5ov at w5ov.com
Wed Dec 24 08:34:32 EST 2008

For the CQWW, the rules clearly spell out "By submitting a log to the CQ WW
Contest, the entrant agrees to have the log open to the public". If anyone
has a problem with this, then not submitting a log allows them to retain
full control over their log.

In my opinion, there is no valid reason to oppose logs being made public. I
have yet to see any evidence that public logs compromise or reveal any
"secret" techniques / methods or divulges anything anyone should want to

Let's face it; the idea that someone has some secret way to win a contest
aside from cheating is just plain silly. For example, working 12 guys on the
Minnesota Phone net on Sunday morning will not win SS for you.

Look at any of N5TJ's logs (like his recent VP2E log). What's his "secret"?

Here it is: To log more qsos efficiently and *accurately* during the contest
period. This is the secret to winning.


Bob W5OV

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