[CQ-Contest] Public Logs

Mike Coslo mjc5 at psu.edu
Fri Dec 26 11:36:37 EST 2008

As opposed to the philosophical discussion of the public/secret log 
issue, just how are these public logs to be accessed? Does the sponsor 
have to put them on line and allow downloading to all? And for what 
purpose? I think the "people are going to see my operating secrets" vs 
the "Everything should be public, because it just should be" crowd, let 
us be honest here.

Is there any doubt that those who want completely open logs want 
download those logs, and check them against each other for evidence of 

Being in the middle of log checking, I cannot at all believe that a 
casually interested person could get past one or two logs without 
finding something more interesting to do, like trim their fingernails, 
or to watch the grass grow in the yard. The only reason a person would 
want this sort of access is if they had an agenda. My agenda is I have 
to check them to come up with final scores. What is yours?

Might I respectfully suggest that those who are so very curious might be 
doing the contest community a bigger service by volunteering to check 
logs to expedite scoring rather than being a vigilante group? And if the 
thrill of the chase is exciting, you will have the chance to catch the 
occasional cheater. It would also be an interesting experience in seeing 
  the view from the other side of the fence.

	- 73 de Mike N3LI -

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