[CQ-Contest] Skimmer for S/O in IARU

Stan Stockton k5go at cox.net
Mon Jun 2 12:32:26 EDT 2008

The rules say:

"Use of spotting nets or packet is not permitted."

The quote from K1ZZ reported on Radio-Sport.net is:

"The 2008 rules are as published," was the succinct reply 
from ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Sumner K1ZZ.

Apparently Radio-Sport interprets that as meaning it is 
allowed?  Is that the official ruling or is it a subjective 
determination as to whether it is allowed within the rules 
that were written before this new and wonderful transforming 
technology was developed?

It needs to be stated that you can either use Skimmer or not 
use Skimmer by the Contest Director.

If this doesn't fall within the intent of a spotting net, I 
don't know what does.  The benefit of a local Skimmer is so 
much greater than packet it is not even comparable.  It 
provides spots of EVERY station it hears and only those it 

One can play games with whether it is another operator, 
called packet, not called packet, whether it is hooked 
directly to your computer or networked to your computer from 
another computer running Skimmer in the same room, etc., the 
fact is that without any operator involvement or skill 
whatsoever, it provides a list of every station it hears 
calling CQ and the QRG.

I've seen it in operation in the WPX Contest and my opinion 
became stronger every time I saw that bandmap fill up with a 
never ending supply of stations to click on.

I actually believe Kevin would have done better in the WPX 
without using it since over 1/3 of all stations worked are 
new multipliers.  Without question, the detriment to those 
who are not using it in a contest that has a relatively 
limited number of multipliers is HUGE.

Stan, K5GO

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> The current headline from Radio-Sport.net indicated the 
> Skimmer will be
> allowed in the IARU by S/O competitors. Assuming that is 
> correct, that is a
> total game-changer. The WPX was not a contest where packet 
> was going to
> make a huge difference over a good SO2R station and 
> operator. But the IARU
> is different, with access to more multipliers and even 
> simple QSOs making a
> significant difference compared with "normal" SO2R. 
> Personally, I am very
> disappointed in the ARRL for allowing this. It's clear to 
> me that at the
> very least, Skimmer would place the user in the Assisted 
> class. And coming
> at the time when this IARU is important for WRTC 
> qualifying points, it
> could be a difference maker.
> I will compete, and will not boycott it, although I 
> disagree with the
> League's position.
> Jim George N3BB
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