[CQ-Contest] Skimmer for S/O in IARU

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Mon Jun 2 17:25:36 EDT 2008

Oh, c'mon.

We've only seen ONE contest that may or may not have had a signifcantly
significant use of the skimmer, and already there's complaints about it's
use and non-use, and implications of boycott if the contest organizers (the
IARU in this case) don't use their mental telepathy and figure out what the
contesters want to do?

This from the same group of contesters who argue about what "assisted" in
the Assisted class means?

Can we give it a rest for awhile, and see what IF ANY impact the use of
skimmer or similar devices actually has?  Without jumping to conclusions on
insufficient data?

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The current headline from Radio-Sport.net indicated the Skimmer will be
allowed in the IARU by S/O competitors. Assuming that is correct, that is a
total game-changer. The WPX was not a contest where packet was going to
make a huge difference over a good SO2R station and operator. But the IARU
is different, with access to more multipliers and even simple QSOs making a
significant difference compared with "normal" SO2R. Personally, I am very
disappointed in the ARRL for allowing this. It's clear to me that at the
very least, Skimmer would place the user in the Assisted class. And coming
at the time when this IARU is important for WRTC qualifying points, it
could be a difference maker.

I will compete, and will not boycott it, although I disagree with the
League's position.

Jim George N3BB

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