[CQ-Contest] CW is just another data mode

Joe Subich, W4TV w4tv at subich.com
Tue Jun 3 09:49:01 EDT 2008

> CW has intrinsic value only when copied by ear.

That train has left the station ... the ITU and every other national 
administration have decided that CW has no unique status or value.  
There may be those who would like to perpetuate the "art of CW" just 
as there are traditional smiths and similar tanners, etc.  However, 
their products are not used in the mass markets.  

Contesting is, or should be, for everyone and if there is no requirement

to copy CW by ear it becomes for the majority just another data mode. 
Although those who use technology to copy CW will never experience all 
the mode has to offer, they will none the less gain an appreciation for 
it.  This is no different that the tourist that stands on the rim of 
the Grand Canyon on a bus tour ... he will never have the same
as someone who hikes to the bottom and camps for a couple days or takes 
a raft down the Colorado River but the person who simply looks out from 
the rim will understand and appreciate the awesome nature of the canyon.

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> > ... CW is just another digital mode ...
> Yes, anyone can devalue CW by treating it as such.
> In the same way,
>   Whales are just another fish.
>   A painting is just blobs of oil on canvas.
>   Music is just a bunch of notes (or bits).
> Music has intrinsic value when heard, but none
> as a stored MP3 file.
> CW has intrinsic value only when copied by ear.
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI

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