[CQ-Contest] Very Slight Type Corrected- S/O and S/O (A)

Martin Luther vk7gn at bigpond.com
Tue Jun 3 19:12:58 EDT 2008

I wonder if we moved away from the idea of assistance and returned the
single op class to a limited set of permitted equipment and technology
and made the Assisted class into an open class where anything goes.

Single op classic - One op, one signal, no more than two rx's (covers
those modern transceivers with two rx's), computer logging (no use of
super check prepared by another op), rtty decoding by computer, cw
decoding by computer, automated antenna selection, memory keying for all
modes (in this class unless it is specifically included you cannot use

Single op Open - one person operates the station and only one signal

Yes it affects old records but not as much as you might think at first
sight. If as K5NA rightly points out we are on the slip to a fully
automated station it will be clearly in the open class.

Martin VK7GN

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