[CQ-Contest] Skimmer for S/O in IARU

Julius Fazekas phriendly1 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 19:18:28 EDT 2008


I think this statement is the best one in your email
and what the discussion is really about:

> Now let's
> properly categorize the technology so that the
> spirit of competition is
> preserved for everyone involved...without leaving
> people out of the game.

Myself, I chose to operate SO Un Assisted because I
don't want to use packet. That being said, I don't
have a problem with folks who want to use it. 

I've contested with paper logs and check sheets and I
do prefer using a PC. I'm sure the adjudicators really
prefer I submit my logs that way as well, in more ways
than one. My hat is off to those who did log checking
back in the "good ol' days" :o)

Can't comment on SO2R, haven't tried it yet. I can see
where it would be an asset if you were reasonably
skilled at it.

As to the antenna pointing and switching, it may be a
benefit to some, but if you only have a tribander and
something for the low bands, it's not a useful asset.
I mean really, in NA you run EU (if you can), switch
to JA (if there's an opening) and sweep the band for
SA when they start popping in loud. I would argue that
being able to flip your pattern 180 with the flip of a
switch is awful nice to pick up a multi, but that's my
decision, not the computers. The same goes for
rotating the antenna...
> Or, perhaps we should try going back to operating a
> contest with NO
> PACKET, NO PC, NO SO2R, just like Hans says... 


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