[CQ-Contest] Skimmers etc

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Wed Jun 4 09:29:54 EDT 2008

I love to work CW and I love to work 45+ wpm. But I will always QRS and in 
fact when doing S&P I use a keyer with a knob so I can match the other 
guy's speed for each QSO. I feel a person can be a new CW op at 5 wpm and 
still really love CW. I sure did back in my Novice days.

I haven't tried Skimmer yet but have a feeling it will detract from my 
enjoyment of working CW in a contest. I suspect that it will bust some 
calls but I will be able to copy them correctly.

73, Zack W9SZ

On Tue, 3 Jun 2008, Neal Campbell wrote:

> The feeling that if you aren't a 30-40 wpm guy you don't really love
> it is exactly the intimidating spirit I was referring to and why it
> will help some of us play more in cw contests than before.
> The guys who really do it for the love of it, especially those that
> fit your definition of it,  might feel that Skimmer takes the
> skill/love out of it and move on. Whether I use it or not isn't the
> issue, its whether the real dedicated cw contest ops feel it
> diminishes their love of contesting. A few I have heard speak feel it
> does.
> Neal

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