[CQ-Contest] Definitions, back to basics

Vladimir Sidorov vs_otw at rogers.com
Wed Jun 4 15:53:57 EDT 2008

Skimmer is a wrong topic for discussion. It is just a phenomenon of this 
particular moment. Programmers, etc, don't stop and tomorrow they will bring 
another innovation along, and the discussions will start over again. Just 
recently the remote operation was discussed here, now it's Skimmer, then 
there will be a worldwide network of remote stations controlled by robotic 
skimmers or something else, and nobody of us knows what will it be and when.

It's time to stop now and clearly define WHAT an amateur radio contact IS, 
and what is the operator's, the individual's role in that. Then contest 
rules can be set up accordingly. And the rules should be universal, they 
have to stay unchanged regardless innovations coming.

When a sportsman runs around a stadium, he knows, he should run 1 km. He 
does not care what particularily is forbidden for him, is it a bike, or a 
Ferrary car, or a helicopter. Moreover, he does not care what other 
innovations will come tomorrow. He only knows what is ALLOWED for him. He 
knows rules.

Isn't it time to set up basics?

Vladimir VE3IAE 

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