[CQ-Contest] Slow Speed Sprint Practice Thursday

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Thu Jun 5 00:05:11 EDT 2008

Activity has been super the past few weeks, much thanks to all who have
turned the keyer down and participated.


Announcing the NCCC's (Northern California Contest Club) weekly Thursday
night running of the SNS and NS.


The Slow Speed NS practice is from 0200z to 0215z (Friday UTC, Thursday
local time).  That's starting at 10:00pm EDT, 9:00pm CDT, 8:00pm MDT and
7:00pm PDT, local time Thursday.


Remember to keep your speed to less then 23WPM, stations are listening
getting the nerve up to jump in.


All of the same rules apply to the SNS as the regular one (dupe allowed
after 1 intervening Q) so you are allowed to work the same station as long
as you have worked another station in between (only exception is that you
can work a station on 40 and then can work him/her immediately on another
band (say 80 meters).  


Bands will be 80 and 40 meters (around 3540 and mainly 7040).  Had a comment
last week about all the activity is on 40 so let's try and use 80 a little
more earlier.


Exchange Format

The QSY rule makes it advantageous to send your report in a manner that
gives others listening to your QSO information about who will have the
frequency next.


If you call CQ, you should send your report as follows:






K5ZD W4AN 357 Bill GA


If you find a station S&Ping, then at the completion of the QSO the
frequency will be yours.  In this case, you will want to send your callsign
last so people on frequency know you are the person to call. 




K5ZD 357 Bill GA W4AN


This is simply done by programming different CW memories with different


Also remember, you MUST send the callsign of the station you are working and
your callsign with each QSO. 


NS Home:  http://www.ncccsprint.com/default.htm


Sites to help everyone for sprint contests.






Mike W9RE



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