[CQ-Contest] Use of di-di-dah-dah-di-dit in CW Contest

Tim Goeppinger timgep at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 02:11:11 EDT 2008

I was watching a video of SQ5M operating an Elecraft K3 during CQ WPX CW tonight.
He is doing a fine job of S&P up and down 80M.   At 1:12 in the video he tunes across
the tail end of a CQ (just TEST at the end)  Trying to be efficient, SQ5M fires a
? (di-di-dah-dah-di-dit) at the guy who is running.  The other guy sends a di-di-dah-dah-di-dit
right back at him!    Why?

I have seen this alot lately.  Is this rude, or just plain stupid?  Why can't the runner just just send his call?
Wouldn't it be more efficient to send your callsign once, than have the S&Per send his?

If I encounter this situation again when I am S&P, I really am tempted to keep firing ?'s back , until they send their %*# callsign.

(steps down from soapbox)



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