[CQ-Contest] [CQ- Contest] Use of di-di-dah-dah-di-dit in CW Contest

Mirek SP1NY sp1ny at wp.pl
Fri Jun 6 00:29:27 EDT 2008

---- K0RC wrote -------
That's another good contesting nuance you brought up Mike.

If I am running and I get a "?" after my CQ, I immediately press the F4 key 
(my call). That is, if no one else is calling me. Why would you make the S&P 
station wait around for your CQ timer to trip off another round in 10 
seconds or so. You've got a "customer" waiting right now.

If I don't get an immediate reply from the "?" station after my F4, the 
other fellow has determined I am already in his log and has moved on. 
There's nothing I need to do but press the F1 again to start another CQ 

On the other hand, if I'm in S&P mode and tune to a station as he is 
finishing "test", if I don't hear anyone calling him, I'll drop a "?" on 
freq. If he comes back with a "?", I figure he is not interested in rate so 
I just tune on down the band. His loss.

If there's a "?" sent and an immediate F4 returned, that's time saved on 
both ends. And time saved equals a higher rate.

I don't understand what there is to get frustrated about. What has I missed?

73 de Bob - K?RC in MN

Agree with Bob. I'm doing the same, that's the best what RUN station should do.
In my experience during S&P after my "?" I'm getting
"?" as a answer so to have more fun sometimes I'm sending "?" again
and getting "?" again then I'm pressing F4 and answer is QSO B4 - still
don't know to whom I'm sending. Funny but not rare situation.
It happens that "?'er" is a well known contest station.

73's de Mirek SP1NY

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