Stan Stockton k5go at cox.net
Fri Jun 6 09:58:24 EDT 2008

David (K1TTT),

I am going to spell this out as simply as I can.  I am going 
to try to answer my own questions.  Let me know if I answer 
any of my questions incorrectly.

1. Is there anything in the rules that says I have to use 
your packet cluster or any other specific ones?  NO

2.  Is there anything that prevents anyone who wants  from 
setting up a network that either includes some packet spots 
or not but does include Skimmer spots from a SDR (REMOTE 
RECEIVER) in Europe?  NO

3.  Is there a difference in rules, that have been discussed 
or are currently in place, between running the Skimmer 
software in the mode that only gives callsigns of stations 
calling CQ versus the mode that gives all within the 
passband? NO

4.  Is there any specification as to how wide the passband 
has to be for the REMOTE RECEIVER in Europe or what 
frequency the "spotter" puts his SDR on?   NO

5.  Does an operator who is using  the assistance of a 
"packet" network have control over what spots are fed into 
that network?  NO

If I answered all the questions correctly, Skimmer will be 
used to provide callsigns of stations calling, copied by 
that SDR/Skimmer (REMOTE RECEIVER) on run frequencies 
without any rules violations taking place.

If there are questions that I got wrong, let me know which 
ones. I believe I can easily work around it.

The fact is that Skimmer does not work without a receiver. 
The fact is that if the receiver is located on another 
continent or even outside the 500M circle it is a REMOTE 
RECEIVER regardless of which mode Skimmer may be running.

Whether callsigns are copied by listening to the audio or 
whether you attach a code reader to it and have a printed 
list of callsigns that are copied, it is a remote receiving 

Don't get sidetracked by this.  It is just an aside. 
Although wrong in either instance, most CW operators would 
have more respect for someone who fed the audio from a 
remote receiver in Europe and actually did something that 
the average guy on the street could not do as opposed to 
looking at the information appear on the computer screen 
from a code reader Skimmer) attached to that REMOTE RECEIVER 
in Europe.

Stan, K5GO 

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