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There's a third questions I thought of.  It could be very telltale, 
actually. The question is "How do you feel about others doing the same 

Zack W9SZ

On Sat, 7 Jun 2008, Randy Thompson wrote:

> Things are much easier to control when everyone is playing in the same room
> or location.  The chess article Geo provided is interesting because it deals
> with a very similar scenario to what we are seeing in radio contesting. If
> people can't be seen, how do we know if they are playing honestly or not?
> We can only draw conclusions around what we believe or suspect.
> In my contesting ethics talk at Contest University, I suggested two points
> to keep in mind when considering pushing the envelope.  Would you be ok with
> what you are doing if it was made public?  Are you willing to live with the
> long term impact on your reputation if there is even an appearance of
> misconduct?
> k5zd
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>> Although I'm not aware of any confirmed cheating episodes,
>> the American Contract Bridge League recently decided to
>> prohibit the possession (not just the
>> use) of cell phones and other personal communications devices
>> by both players and non-playing kibitzers in or near playing
>> areas in the top ranked national  tournament events.
>> The temptation to text message information on hands was
>> apparently viewed  as enough of a threat to move them to take
>> this action.
>> No secret packet or skimmer info for these players.
>> 73  -  Jim   K8MR
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>> http://www.playchess.de/articles/1
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