[CQ-Contest] KCDXC CW Pile Up at Dayton 2009

Alex Tkatch ku1cw at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 17:53:16 EDT 2008

Hello everyone,
 Participants of the KCDXC pileup-could you please let me know how many of you would be interested in using PC for the pileup logging? 
 Audio source will be coming from the CD player as before and PC with simple to use KCDXC pileup tool will be used for logging only. Send me an e-mail- I'm interested in knowing both-'yes' and 'no'. 

 Also-I will be obtaining a pool of judges from the participants next year. Even though D-09 is too far away-along with answer on PC use, let me know if you may contribute an hour or two in helping with pileup scoring. Judges will be able to help after taking the test.

 Skimmer will be there again next. I did work with Alex VE3NEA last week on unofficial retest of the 2008 pileup with slightly modified Skimmer. 
 Will need to recheck results again, but it's quite different from 31 reveived  calls. Update is coming up soon... 
73. Alex KU1CW


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