[CQ-Contest] Skimmer and the cluster network - was: Skimmer - Proposal & Compromise

Michael Höding hoeding at fh-brandenburg.de
Sat Jun 7 07:30:41 EDT 2008

Hi folks,

of course feeding skimmer spots into the world wide packet network is 
easly possible. However the flood will cause big problems for every user 
of clusters. Therefore there is no reason to do this.

Pete Smith schrieb:
> You can expect a significant improvement in callsign verification with the 
> next version of Skimmer, which Alex is finishing up now - I have been doing 
> alpha and beta testing for the last month.  It has four selectable levels 
> of verification, using tools such as the latest master.dta file and a 
> 3-character callsign pattern file that is based on 11 years of cluster 
> spots.  Depending on which you select, it applies different repetition 
> criteria before "accepting" a callsign for posting. There is even a 
> verification mode (working title "Paranoid") that *only* posts callsigns 
> that are found in the master.dta file (or in a watch-list you can build 
> yourself).
I did some research with the new verification modes. You can find an 
list of callsigns detected of CW Skimmer 1.1. and 1.2 with the different 
levels of callsign verification.

The anylsis is based on a 17 minute period sound file for 40m in DL. In 
WPX CW Skimmer 1.1 produced about 60 Percent correct callsigns. The 
improvement is significant.

241 Skimmer 1.1
251 Minimal
172 Calls normal
166 Aggressive
115 Paranoid

Using the soundfile you can make own experience with CW Skimmer or other 
http://fwil588.fh-brandenburg.de/~hoeding/cwskimmer/wpx2008_40m.zip (60 
MB 17 minutes wideband)

73s de Michael, DL6MHW

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