[CQ-Contest] Alabama QSO Party - Thanks!

KC4HW jimjohnson at alaweb.com
Sun Jun 8 13:01:39 EDT 2008

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the Alabama QSO Party.  
Hopefully the participation from within Alabama was good enough to entice you 
to come, participate and enjoy our QSO party.  

We appreciate you giving your time.  I really hope that you enjoyed the Alabama 
QSO Party.  

Interestingly enough, I had a email from CT1BWW where he thanked the 
Alabama Contest Group and supporting folks for in his words: "Keep up your 
very good work on Promoting and Preserving Amateur Radio!"  This tells it all, 
QSO parties are great Ham Radio activities that both allow us to introduce new 
people to this great facet of our hobby, build our individual skills and 
demonstrated use of the frequencies allocations that we have!  

Please submit your logs if you played, this give us an opportunity to share with 
sponsors of awards and logging software vendors the amount of participation 
that we have!  It lets them know that their efforts and dollars are promoting 
activity in Amateur Radio.

Send logs to:  logs at alabamaqsoparty.org or mail them to KC4HW's QRZ 
mailing address.   No log to small, please send in your logs!

We will be back again next year, the First weekend in Jun (6th) 2009, put us on 
your calendar...   Hopefully the propagation will provide great conditions for us in 

Thanks again es 73


PS:  If I had a hard time with your call, please accept my apologizes for my poor 
CW abilities.  After 30 years of Ham Radio, I have renewed my interest in CW, 
but my ability has not yet caught up with my desire!  Heck, I must be getting 
better, nobody called me a LID this year!  hi 

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