[CQ-Contest] ICE filter measurements

Tod -ID tod at k0to.us
Wed Jun 11 10:30:21 EDT 2008

I am interested in doing the same set of measurements on the ICE filter
counterpart [ICE 419B] as I did on the DuneStar 600 filter. I have so far
been unable to get an ICE unit and I find the curves presented on the ICE
site to be limited in information -- at least the information I would like
to see.

If there is someone who would be willing to provide one to me on loan while
I make the measurements I would like to hear from them. The results would be
posted in the same format as the ones for the DuneStar.

If you can help with this please email me directly at =>  tod at k0to.us  or
call me at 952-807-2859 to discuss arrangements.

Tod, K0TO

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